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The Touroll J1 and J1 ST are comprehensive touring bikes, perfect for getting around town and the suburbs with ease. With a range of traveler-oriented features, such as a long-lasting battery and smart LCD with USB charging, the J1 series is a fantastic companion for individuals looking for a relaxing and enjoyable two-wheeled journey.


Powerful, Long-Lasting Riding

The Touroll J1 series is equipped with a robust brushless motor that provides consistent power delivery and generates 45N.M torque for a powerful ride filled with exhilaration. With a 15.6Ah battery, the J1 series cruises 100km effortlessly. Featuring a removable design, you can charge the battery on or off the bike and even double the range with a spare battery. With a J1 series bike, an excursion on two wheels without range anxiety is ready for you.

Touroll J1 ST Trekking E-Bike

Improved Smoothness & Comfort

Excellent smoothness and comfort over a ride significantly contribute to ties in the CST pneumatic tires and front suspension with a lockout. With a size of 27.5x2.1in, these bike tires offer better traction and stability, enabling a smoother, firmer ride in diverse terrain. The J1 series boasts a reliable suspension with an 80mm travel that dramatically reduces the shock impact caused by unevenness, sparing you spinal pain or injury. Moreover, the J1 ST comes with an adjustable stem for easy customization of the stem angle and handlebar height for a preferable cycling position.  


Enhanced Safety

Safety is always a top priority at Touroll. Considerate safety features can be easily found on the J1 series, including a sturdy bike frame, responsive braking system, and StVZO-certified lights that meet the rigorous standards of German road regulations. Your ride is safer with e-brake and dual disc brakes that ensure a smooth stop every time. Enhanced with StVZO-certified lights, you can cruise through city streets legally and safely, knowing that you're protected and visible to all.


Variable Speed

Cycling can be more joyful with a 7-speed Shimano derailleur. You can shift among 7 gears anytime to match different terrain. You can shift to a higher gear on flat roads for a faster pace, or to a lower gear to pedal with minimal resistance when climbing hills. Engage in the excitement and pleasure of variable speed with the J1 series.


Smart LCD Control

An intelligent LCD dashboard is attached not only for easy tracking of data, such as battery level and real-time speed but also for seamless control of your bike, including switching among 5 pedal assist levels - 12, 15, 18, 21, and 25 km/h, changing the speed unit, setting the screen timeout and more.



  • 15.6Ah battery supports a 100km range
  •  7-Speed Shimano gear makes fun riding
  •  E-brake and disc brakes for improved security
  • Mighty brushless motor with 45Nm torque
  •  27.5”x2.1” CST tires for smooth riding
  • Reliable suspension with a lockout
  •  Legal riding with StVZO-certified lights
  •  Intelligent LCD with USB charging
  •  Adjustable stem fits different positions (J1 ST)
  •  5 pedal assist levels
  •  Sturdy luggage rack
Touroll J1 & J1 ST Ebikes


With the J1 series, you can explore the world on two wheels with less effort and more enjoyment. Go on a ride with peace of mind and let nothing hold you back on your every journey!