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Our Mission and Vision

Our Story

We dream of a world where people could effortlessly traverse the beautiful landscapes surrounding them. Fueled by a shared dream, we weave together innovation and passion to redefine the art of cycling, to make touring effortless and accessible for everyone, and to make every ride an unforgettable journey of joy and vitality.

We are committed to inspiring everyone to explore the world on two wheels and embrace the pleasure of bike rolling.

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Conquer Every Path, Embrace Every Journey

The U1 Mountain e-bike seamlessly transitions between short city commutes, urban and rural explorations, and navigating bumpy roads, encompassing its diverse usage landscape.

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More Features

65KM Top Range

13Ah battery provides up to 65KM range in assist mode. Explore farther, discover more.

25KM/H Max Speed

Driven by a 250W brushless motor, U1 can reach a top speed of 25km/h.

Smart Display

Smart display with a USB Port. Both to show riding speeds and to charge devices.

45N.M Torque

Experience the exhilaration of unmatched performance and efficiency on every journey.

26" / 29" CST Tires

The large 26" / 29" CST pneumatic tires roll smoothly over a variety of surfaces.

21-Speed Shimano Gear

The 21-speed Shimano gear provides speed-shifting for more riding fun.

Disc Brake & E-Brake

Enjoy precise stopping power and the added safety of instant motor cutoff with the e-brake.

3 Levels of Pedal Assist

Effortlessly conquer any terrain while conserving energy. Enjoy a ride as dynamic as you are.