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Prepare yourself for the grand reveal of your Touroll S1 fat bike as it breaks free from its protective packaging. As you embark on this exhilarating adventure, follow the steps outlined below to effortlessly assemble your new ride. Watch in awe as each piece comes together, revealing a masterpiece that will soon be ready to take on any terrain with style and grace.


Step 1 - Installing the Handlebar  

  1. A) Take out the bike and make it stand up.
  2. B) Pull up the head tube and secure it by locking its folding mechanism.
  3. C) Slide the stem into the head tube, adjust the handlebar to a proper height and secure it by tightening and locking the quick-release clip.

Step 2 - Installing the Front Mudguard and Headlight

  1. A) Place the front mudguard between the fork lowers.
  2. B) Slide the screw through the headlight bracket, mudguard bracket and fork arch in sequence and tighten it.
  3. C) Attach the supports of the mudguard to the fork lowers and secure them by tightening the screws.
  4. D) Connect the headlight cable to the bike cable.

Step 3 - Installing the Front Wheel

  1. A) Put the bike upside down.
  2. B) Loosenthe nut to remove the temporary protected bar.
  3. C) Insert the wheel between the fork blades so that the axle can seat firmly at the fork dropouts (the slots at the tip of the fork blades).
  4. D) Put the gaskets on it and tighten the nuts.

Step 4 - Installing Pedals 

Step 5 - Installing the Seat

  1. A) Slide the seat post into the seat tube.
  2. B) Adjust the seat to a suitable height and fix it by tightening and locking the quick-release clip.


Step 6 - Installing the Rear Reflector


Step 7 - Installation & Removal of the Battery


  1. A) Put the battery back into the battery compartment.
  2. B) Unfold the bike and lock the folding mechanism.
  3. C) Insert the key and turn it clockwise to lock the battery.

NOTE: The battery is already installed in the bike upon delivery.


Step 8 - Turning the Power on

  1. A) Turn the display on. Then it’s ready to go!